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MyEscort for Agencies

What advantages you will enjoy with MyEscort-Sedcards!

The biggest asset with MyEscort-Sedcards is, that you will acquire a complete „all around-carefree package“!

If you don’t longer want to pay web-space for a expensive price, easily use the MyEscort-Sedcard from MyEscort. With this decision you will be absolutely right! Because here no additional server-space is needed and also there will be no separate costs. Also other providers will not watch your design and content, weather the compatibility or if your content is may to erotic. Here you will be your own Mister and Master or rather of course Mistress and Master about all your content which you have to enter in so-called „advertiser area“. After that just easy and fast configure your MyEscort-Sedcards and you will be a happy owner such a representative Sedcard – and all this within short time!

MyEscort Self-Administration

Over are the times where you are depending on a Programmer who cannot be reached anyway. With your MyEscort-Sedcards you can change and manage all Sedcards yourself, whenever you have time and desire to do so. Did you make a great photo from yourself, in a erotic situation with to turn on clothes? Don’t hesitate to login to and put it on your MyEscort-Sedcard. To upload pictures and all data it is very easy and fast on MyEscort, also just as quickly you will fast gain your potential new customers, especially with spontaneous selfies. Your MyEscort-Sedcards are very easy to make changes and update them, so your Profile will be always up-to-date. So it doesn’t can get any easier!

Security is on MyEscort at the first place!

If you will decide to create a profit-making MyEscort-Sedcard, the comprehensive security package is completely included in the Sedcard price at MyEscort! Because our highly qualified security Officers know all about the topic „security“ on MyEscort and they know exactly what they have to do to protect our Server Farms and they do it very experienced and extremely faithful. With ultra-modern technique and special tools, which are made from the newest technology, protects all DDOS-Attacks and all other Hacker-Attacks at MyEscort, so you have to worry about nothing. As a customer with your MyEscort-Sedcard you can easily lay back and relax and we will take care about all security questions and the 24 hour availability of your Sedcards!

The MinMax-Concept: Minimal costs for Maximum marketing success!

If you need to change the content on your Website on a regular bases, you normally need a special content management system, shortly called „CMS“. This can be done via WordPress for example, but usually still requires a Programmer or Admin who knows how to use it. This normally costs a lot! If the website would be still hacked from outside, then the whole work is done for nothing. You should think about, if all those costs and circumstances would pay out, or you easily will take your own MyEscort-Sedcards. As Premium Member of MyEscort it is very easy for you, all changes you do like updating your profile or uploading new photos, will be shown on your Sedcard. Another big advantage about our MyEscort-Sedcards is, that you have to enter your data only once and all kept stored. So you can easily access and update your data and that saves you a lot of time and money!

Be creative – design your MyEscort-Sedcards according to the motto: A photo says more than 1000 words!

Photos of course you can put a lot more, because if more attractive and erotic Photos are shown on your MyEscort-Sedcards, so much higher your chance are to get potential new and more customers. With the Design of your MyEscort-Sedcards you can let your creativity free minded, because you can choose between different divisions, designs, colors and backgrounds. If you want your MyEscort-Sedcards more professional, you can contract our Designer for an individual Design.

Domain is on your ownership

In your „advertiser area“ on MyEscort you will create your MyEscort-Sedcards, however your Setcards will be not shown automatically on our Website. First of all one of our employees will review your Setcards. You can also completely separate your URL from our Website. Normally your Domain is named like…, but in this case another Domain Name on your wish will be shown instead of Also possible your Domain will be redirected to our Website and we will take care, that your MyEscort-Sedcards will be shown directly with your own Domain Name. In any case the Domain will stay in your ownership and you will have all rights on it. If you have any technical questions, please write us an E-Mail to, it will be a pleasure for us to assist you!

Question of cost

If you will create your MyEscort-Sedcards with our standard Design, it will be completely cost free for you! For the use of our Servers, Support, Administration and Security monitoring we will charge you only with a small service fee in near future. But before it costs will come up in futur you will get informed in advanced.

Quantum leap in Marketing

Since 2016 MyEscort is on the Market for „horizontal trade“ with clever imaginations and innovative marketing tools. Our erotic Portal has the principle always giving you the latest advertising Products, verified by law and in a timely manner. All this in a very cheap and comfortable way for a efficient way for you! Do not hesitate longer and get now your MyEscort-Sedcards with all advantages with us comparing to the other contenders. Dare the quantum leap!

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