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No Fakes – 100% checked Profiles

MyEscort guarantees: 100% checked Profiles – no fakes!

On daily bases we are getting a lot of new model applications and registrations on our Website. Our Company policy is that each profile will be checked from one of our employees, therefore we can guarantee no fakes and 100% checked profiles! This is were we set high value in our Company and the same motto will also remain in future. All our Models are very genuine, authentic and in true sense „very close“ and totally willing, otherwise they wouldn’t work as erotic Model with her Profile on MyEscort.

To confirm our statement that all our Profiles are „100% checked“, in forehand we correspondence with the applicants about a Membership at MyEscort. We are in contact with the applicants by phone, fax, we send E-Mails back and forth and also we send letters on a postal way. In this way we get a comprehensive impression if „She“ or „He“ fitting to our Team, because this is very important for us. Many our Models coming from Agencies, where the Models and the Agency met personally. Therefore we can make the statement that all our Models are 100% checked on MyEscort. We look always to have a very open, honest and respectful communication between each other, the same we also expect from newcomers on our Portal. The „chemistry“ has just to be right!

The uploaded Photos can’t be vulgar or pornographic. Also the Photos shouldn’t be photographed by a amateur in any backyard with poor quality. We prefer pin sharp Photos, if possible photographed by a professional photo studio with appropriate decoration, lighting and background design. The photo series should be very attractive and aesthetic but still with high value of erotic. You should simply to attract the viewer and take him / her in your magical ban. Since we only guarantee 100% checked profiles, there will be always a very good and open communication between our Administrators and the respective Models.

We have only 100% checked Profiles and we always do everything, that the Escort Models will be available and visible 24 hours!

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