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Solicit new accounts and expand your business success today with MyEscort.Date

If you are a professional provider of erotica services, we offer the perfect platform for your business! MyEscort.Date makes it easy for you to bring on board new customers who want to pay for premium services and, as a result, boost your revenues. Hundreds of members and numerous agencies are already placing their trust into our concept, which has been optimized to ensure our clientele’s success.

How will your business benefit from MyEscort.Date?

We place the focus on you by providing professional set cards that will enable you to highlight your escort and erotica services. As an agency or individual member, you will be able to publish your profiles online and upload interest generating photos and information in just a few clicks. When prospective customers enter searches based on location, gender, age or service, they will be navigated to the exact matches you have posted.

Becoming a premium member will give you access to the most effective way of using our services. Every new customer will find you. As a result, you will be in a position to become even more successful. For free profiles, fees for simple “pushes” start at just 50 cents for each displayed profile. In other words, you do not have to sign up for a paid member’s ship to use our services. Nevertheless, we recommend you take advantage of our low cost subscription option. Since our service is so affordable and has such a vast reach, the fees will turn into a worthwhile investment the first time a client books a date.

Boost your success & new account registrations with a paid subscription

Enjoying our fee-based benefits is highly affordable: Monthly subscriptions (if paid annually) start at just EUR 8.33. In exchange for the fee, your profiles will be posted prominently among the top tier search results and on our regional homepages. Hence, new customers will see your profiles before anyone else’s. Based on our experience, new customers tend to book with those members they see first. Very few new customers spend a lot of time on model choices.

Opting for the monthly subscription fee also means that you will not incur any fees for individual push promotions. If, after the push, the new customer decides to just quickly visit your profile, this will not have any adverse effects on you. You or your agency’s models will reap sustainable benefits from
the increased number of displays. The model’s growing popularity consistently and simultaneously boosts her or his success. As a result, more new customers will instantly decide to recruit the model. Your revenues will promptly reflect these positive effects.

What is a “push?”

Every time one of your profiles is displayed, the chance of a new customer choosing you or your agency increases. This is why we offer members the option to book a push to position their profile at the top. This top listing offers the highest potential for success and will continuously boost your income. Over
time, the profile’s visibility declines because more members have reserved a push by paying the 50 cent fee for each new placement. Premium members with a paid subscription, on the other hand, do not have to pay the push fee and are automatically pushed to the top – again and again. More importantly, they still have the option to manually activate the push function free of charge for an unlimited number of pushes!

Give our subscription option a try

If you prefer to first give us a try to familiarize yourself with all the benefits a subscription offers, we recommend you sign up for an initial trial subscription of 1 to 3 months. To enjoy the lowest monthly fees, we advise you to initially take advantage of our one-year-subscription. Our pricing structure for our premium members is shown below:

1 month = EUR 9.99
3 months = EUR 24.99
6 months = EUR 54.99
12 months = EUR 99.99

Our above fees include all of our premium services that will ensure that every new customers is introduced to you and that you will generate continuous success. As a paying subscriber you are entitled to the top positioning of your models’ set cards on our website. In the very near future, you will also be able to enjoy this advantage on our mobile app, which is being developed as we speak.

Not quite convinced yet? No problem!

If your subscription should not produce the success you are hoping to achieve or if you should be unable to attract new customers for an extended period of time, you have the option to cancel your membership at any time. Of course your set cards will remain accessible online. The only difference will be that you will pay a fee for each push. Instead of being navigated by the auto push function; every new customer will once again have to enter a dedicated search. If you want to retain your top search results position, you will have to pay 50 cents for each push.

Business success through online brokerage

The quality of your business’ online presentation is a deciding factor for your success. On the Internet, countless agencies and dating services compete with each other. Consequently, the chances that a new customer will find you hinge on a high quality online presence. Our affordable packages, which offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment options, will enable you to secure the pole position for your business!

Interested in a profitable future? If so, we encourage you to sign up for a paid subscription and choose a payment option. Your membership will be activated as soon as we receive your fee payment. We highly recommend our one-year-subscription. Making just one payment a year will save you a bundle, plus you will automatically enjoy all of the benefits that come with the package you sign up for.

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Would you like to talk to a consultant before you sign up? The MyEscort.Date Team is looking forward to hearing from you and will be happy to discuss with you the optimum fee options to safeguard and boost your success.

Test our premium membership today for a minimum of a month to make certain that the next new customer will choose your company or one of your models from the start!

The MyEscort.Date Team is looking forward to welcoming you as a new premium member!

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